Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

What a wonderful day it is everypony, it's my birthday, yay! I had a wonderful party in Canterlot, my friends and I all had a blast...I couldn't be happier to have made such wonderful friends, and Rarity learned a valuable lesson today too, mainly to get her priorities straight...the princess told me all about it earlier last night...

I got a nice, simplistic dress that truly suited me, and I even got to see what a regal party was like...I don't think I could find myself among those upper class ponies, especially with the kind of friends I have, I'd rather have a party in a fancy place I don't belong in then not have a party at all...I would have even been find just partying in an sure to wish me happy birthday everypony and maybe give me a few dance moves...I'm not really good on my hoofs. see below

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