Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello everypony, I'd like to apologize for our lack of posts here lately, we've been so very busy with other problems, but I would like to assure you, we've not dropped you all, and we will update as often as we can.

We are Sorry for the Delay, And hope to see Everypony very soon.

~ Cole

Nightmare Night (Spoilers)

Hello everypony I hope you enjoyed our special Nightmare Night this year, and weren't too scared by Princess Luna, I was happy to see a little colt named Pipsqueak enjoying his very first Nightmare Night, it reminds me of my younger days....what did you all dress as? I was Starswirl The Bearded, but nopony really understood who that's a shame that a great colt like Starswirl is forgotten in Ponyville, my next post will be all about him for those ponies who are curious...

This year was most likely the best Nightmare Night ever, and I have done my research into this holiday.

Nightmare Night was most likely started around the time Princess Luna became corrupted many years ago and transformed into Nightmare Moon since then after she was sealed they made a holiday in dedication, little colts and fillies would dress up in costumes to hide from Nightmare Moon, I remember I used to think I'd be eaten if I didn't make my own costume *Chuckles*

They would go door to door and ask for candy while other ponies like Rainbow Dash are more into scaring and pulling pranks, there are games set up for anypony to play, everypony has a wonderful time while offering candy to Nightmare Moon, well Princess Luna that she wouldn't gobble them up...I had no clue they weren't literal...I might need to brush up on my ability to identify a joke.

I am happy to report though, this year went well and nopony was hurt, that is the good thing, and nothing felt better then to do what I do best...LECTURE!! and I can't wait until next year, in closing I think I need a new costume...something more recognizable, like Princess Luna.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Cole Luxus

Dear my faithful assistant Cole Luxus:

I am impressed with your organization skills and assistance in my library, please remember not to try to overshadow Spike during the day, and don't ever worry about upsetting me, my friends can tell you I am a nice pony and arguments can never really cause me to hate anypony for too long, I hope you will continue to work aside me, and I hope your enjoying your job, like I've been enjoying your company

Friendship Report - Applejack

Dear all the ponies reading my report, I want to tell you all about my friend Applejack, she is one of the first Earth Ponies I met when I arrived in Ponyville, this is my report since I've known her for this long

Applejack is a orange earth pony with freckles and a braided mane and tail, both a bleached blonde, she also wears around a brown cowgirl hat and her eyes are an Emerald Green, her element is of Honesty, and her cutie mark is of three shiny red apples in a triangle, she works and lives in Sweet Apple Acres, the best place to get Apples and Apple-Related products, and ranch, raising cows for milk sale.

Applejack talks with a thick southern accent and lives with her big brother Big Macintosh, her grandmother Granny Smith, and her little sister Applebloom, and she's always willing to help another pony out, but doesn't seem to take favors easily, but despite her pride she's always been there when I needed advice, or any of my friends, I remember how she proved her honesty to me, it was not long after I learned about the Elements Of Harmony did a cliff collapse below my friends and I, unable to hold onto a crumbling ledge I was certain I wouldn't be getting out of that situation unharmed...

As I felt my grip loosen, and Applejack grabbed my hoofs, looked me in the eyes, and told me to let first I didn't believe her, but her face told me all I needed to know and I let be caught by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, I knew from then on I could trust Applejack, even with my own life...a good lesson about honesty.

Applejack doesn't speak the same as my friends and I, and she's certainly stronger then I am, but she tends to anger quicker then the others, arguing with Rarity and Rainbow Dash over simple things like petty actions, she also does get competitive in athletic feats, but her flaws don't bother me, another thing she does often is cross her front legs as if to take a bow, or when she catches somepony in a lie, I love her like my sister, and I'm sure she feels the same...

Applejack's talent is Applebucking and she's done it ever since she returned home from Manehatten after her relatives literally drove her apples...that would explain why she doesn't think too much of Rarity's actions...I've witnessed her abilities ever since I met her, and taught her that you can accept help from your friends, so now and then the girls and I help when Applebucking season comes around...

In conclusion Applejack is an honest pony, strong and dependable, quick to anger, but quicker to make up, hardened Applebucker and wonderful friend to everypony...

Friendship Report - Applejack By: Twilight Sparkle.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The First Post

Greetings Everypony, my name is Twilight Sparkle, I've been a bit busy as of lately the ponies around Ponyville have been talking about an Earth Pony Halloween tradition, and as the local librarian and pupil of Celestia it is my royal duty to make sure the festivities work without any incidents, I've already arranged my list and organized just where my own decorations will be placed, it's only a matter of time until I can compile a new report for the princess.

Ever since I first came from Canterlot I've learned about so many traditions that we didn't have back at home, it feels good to get your hoofs dirty instead of letting magic change everything for you, Spike seems really excited too, I have a feeling this will be fun, no major news to report today I hope all you curious ponies will keep your eyes out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Thank you for stopping by the Ponyville Library, And home of Ms. Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's star pupil, this is where we will archive all letters and other notes to Celestia, and all Ponies across Equestria.

My name is Cole Luxus, Casey to friends. Below is a picture of me. I am here to help Ms. Twilight and anypony else who wishes to visit the Library during hours. Have a good day, Happy Reading.
~ Cole Luxus