Monday, November 28, 2011

Hooray Wintertime!

Time certainly does fly, I hope everypony is getting all bundled up in Ponyville, because Winter is coming, but the real task isn't surviving the snow and ice, the real challenge comes after it all during the Winter-Wrap Up, a tradition I had my hoofs in last year, but I didn't do very well...I tried many things so eager to help another pony out, but nothing was really up my alley.

Until I was able to use my polished organization skills to get the entire thing back in order...even though I was one of the biggest causes for the tardiness I took initiative and charge and set it all back into motion!

The history of this tradition leads back to olden pony times where there was no magic in Ponyville only normal Earth Ponies living below the great Canterlot Castle, the Unicorns of Canterlot always changed the seasons using their magic while the less fortunate Ponies below in Ponyville had no magic to change their seasons, upon my arrival I thought it to be confusing and different, but Earth Ponies were already following a way to improvise the lack of magic.

They would work together, creating carriages and the toughest ponies would pull them, working alongside the Pegasus race who would clear the clouds and let the sunshine in... *Chuckle* well that reminds me of a little song that the Ponies all sang that day..I'd better post that at the end of this.

Together they would be able to prepare Ponyville for the warm embrace of Spring, but the recent years before my arrival were wrought with arguments and a lack of organization, arguments and faulty direction had left Ponyville in a state of...tardiness! how horrible! because of that everypony didn't get a chance to enjoy themselves for a while longer...and that in my opinion was a disaster...I knew I had to help them get back on a neat and organized schedule!

And to repay my debts I became all-team orginizer, one of the best jobs I could ever ask for...setting in motion the proper tasks to lead us right to our deadline, and this year I will do the same, so make sure if you see me wearing my green and blue vest to update me on anything out of place or in disarray.

Your loving friend, and all-team organizer: Twilight Sparkle

Updating My Posts

Hello again everypony this is another update, I found my black font to be a bit bland and colorless so...continued posts from here on will be in one of my absolute favorite colors, I also plan to post more videos in reference to myself and friends during reports, alright then, next report will be the last for today.


Hello everypony, I'm very sorry I haven't been around lately, I was just so wrapped up in a report about how and when our home of Equestria came into existence, and how come there are only two known Alicorns among us.

I hope everypony is still checking back regularly for updated posts, I'm very grateful for those who are still sticking around, today's report is about the surprising pet Rainbow Dash received after a truly amazing competition of strength, speed, and guts, as well as coolness.

Tank his name is, an old tortoise who wanted to do anything to get a nice home to live out his remaining days, after Ghastly Gorge had an avalanche Rainbow Dash was trapped under dangerous rocks, oh my. but she was thankfully saved by her Tortoise, no better way to make a proper friend if you ask me.