Monday, January 2, 2012

500 Viewers!

Thank you so very much everypony, I couldn't be happier that I gained at least 500 viewers, and I'll be even happier when I reach 1,000 your voices are encouraged here, feel free to post any type of comments to let me know your there! for my 500th views, since I'm not too good at making videos yet I'll leave a letter to Celestia for anypony intrested in my lessons.

Dear Princess Celestia: I must thank you, ever since the day I left Canterlot I've learned more then I ever would have dreamed of about friendship, in my time in Ponyville I've learned about care and trust, compromise and love, how just because two ponies aren't alike doesn't mean they can't find a way to be friends, that as long as your willing to extend a hoof to a friend, they will surly repay you with your best intrests at heart, friendship isn't something predictable, it isn't something you can explain in an essay, there is more to friendship then books and research, while study is important you cannot make that the only focus, a good friend will always be there for you, especially when you need it most, in short friendship is something worth fighting for, something whitch effects last longer then any spell in my library, Friendship is Magic, that is the best I can call it, I'll be sending you my continued lessons, each time I learn something new I grow happier, with a final thank you I'll have this sent to the castle.

Evermore your faithful student: Twilight Sparkle


  1. I'm happy your learning about friendship my dear student, I knew ever since I took you under my wing that you have potential, you've grown into quite a wonderful young filly.

  2. That was quicker then I expected princess, I'm happy you responded on my blog instead of your usual means, I hope you'll keep an eye on it, and thank you.

  3. I'd be happy to, sometimes I do have free time, but I must say the ponynet is quite useful...but what they call memes I'm not exactly a fan of, keep updating this and make sure your friends remember to send me what you all learn.

  4. Of course princess, I promise you I won't let you down.